Jean Perrier et Fils

Jean Perrier et Fils

About Jean Perrier et Fils

Nestled within the verdant rolling hills of the Rhône Valley in France, lies the esteemed Jean Perrier et Fils winery. This remarkable vineyard, owned by the Perrier family for seven generations, is a quintessential example of endearing tradition blending seamlessly with modern winemaking techniques.

On this estate spanning over 62 hectares, one can find vast, uniform rows of grapevines that grow in Abymes, Apremont, and Chignin. These select spots are recognised for their terroir - providing the perfect conditions for nurturing the almost-luminescent Jacquère grape that's unique to the region.

The winemaking process at Jean Perrier et Fils is marked by a profound respect for the environment. Through an unyielding commitment to sustainable practices, the vineyard has acquired the certification for High Environmental Value (HVE). This underlines their efforts to decrease the intensity of agricultural practices on the environment to preserve the exceptional ecosystem in which they thrive.

With meticulous attention to detail, each bottle from Jean Perrier et Fils encapsulates the essence of the land. They range from the light, crisp, ffloral notes of the Abymes cuvée, to the robust, full-bodied Chignin-Bergerons, coveted by connoisseurs for their delightful balance of acidity and sweetness. The pièce de résistance would be without question, their Savoie Crémant! This sparkling wine tastes like sun-kissed alpine dew on a summer morning, if the sensation can be bottled that is.

Visiting Jean Perrier et Fils is akin to stepping back in time. Yet, it is also embracing the forward-thinking conservation principles that remain at the forefront of their winemaking philosophy. This interplay between respect for tradition and a progressive approach to viticulture sets this winery apart, rendering it a must-visit destination for both casual wine lovers and seasoned oenophiles alike.

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