About Kalfu

Kalfu winery, located in the stoic beauty of the Chilean wine region, truly packs a considerable punch in the world of viticulture. Home to some of the most exquisite wines and enthralling vineyards, it firmly holds an eminent place in every wine connoisseur’s heart.

The winery is nestled amidst the lush green landscapes at the foothills of the Andes Mountains, with its vineyards spanning across nearly fifty hectares: a sight that is truly breathtaking. This geographical advantage not only adds to the captivating aesthetic but also enriches the wines with distinctive flavours and a unique vibrancy which sets them apart from their competitors.

Kalfu winery is also renowned for its expansive repertoire of wines. Ranging from deep, flavoursome reds to fruity, lively whites, there's a bottle to suit every palate. What makes these wines exceptional is their delectable fusion of old-world sophistication with new-world innovation.

Behind the scenes of the award-winning ensemble, are an adept team of experienced viticulturists and enologists. They employ sustainable farming practices and ensure the highest quality in every bottle whilst committing to enhancing the biodiversity of the land.

Amongst Kalfu’s collections probably the Sumpai range deserves a particular mention. Paying homage to the indigenous Mapuche language, Sumpai signifies reaching for the high, a fitting metaphor for Kalfu's endeavour to reach the pinnacle of wine manufacturing artistry.

Touring the winery is an experience rivalled by few. Visitors are privy to an exciting journey of the wine-making process paired with extraordinary wine tastings. Stunning views of hilly vineyards under the vast Chilean sky. provide a picture-perfect backdrop to savour the finest of Kalfu wines.

In conclusion, Kalfu winery truly showcases a perfect balance of tradition and innovation. A testament to the winery's unremitting commitment to excellence and sustainability. Whether you appreciate wine for its fine character or its ability to convey a story, you would surely find a visit to Kalfu simply unforgettable.

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