About Keet

Hidden in the heart of South Africa's acclaimed Western Cape wine region, Keet winery stands as a beacon of premium viticulture and passion. This family-run establishment, in line with the traditions of the region's winemaking heritage, continuously produces award-winning wines for enthusiasts all over the world.

Historically, the Keet family have always held a passion for winemaking, with vineyards filled with rich, fertile soil ideal for cultivating mouthwatering grapes. The produced wines are a true reflection of the winery's strong bond with its natural surroundings: complex in character and diverse in nature.

Within their repertoire, Keet Winery boasts an extensive collection of whites, reds, rosés, and blends each showcasing their distinct charm and personality. Its flagship wine, the First Verse, is a five-varietal Bordeaux-style enthusiastic blend that reprsents the wealth of South Africa's wine-making culture.

Each bottle from Keet Winery embodies the dedication and passion the family pours into their craft. With each sip, you are privy to their unwavering commitment to producing exceptional, quality wines. Distinct, elegant, and satisfying: these are the words often associated with the winery's offering.

Additionally, Keet Winery is a fervent advocate of sustainable winemaking. They strive to strike a balance between their passion for fine wines and respect for Mother Nature. Conservation initiatives and low-impact agricultural practices are implemented on the facility, ensuring that the land that gives them their fruits continue to thrive in robust health.

To visit Keet winery is an experience in itself. The estate is nested amidst lush vineyards and dramatic mountain views, offering guests a trip to remember. Paired with their wines bursting with character and their welcoming hospitality, it's a destination surely worth visiting.

Keet Winery is not just an establishment that makes wines fine wines, it's an emblem of how winemaking can transcend into artistry—a testament to the beauty of nature and the potential of quality craftsmanship.

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