About Koomilya

Koomilya Winery is an esteemed vineyard nestled in the heart of South Australia’s renowned McLaren Vale region. This enchanting winery exudes a sense of charm and understated elegance, with a profound commitment to crafting superior quality wines that embody the unique attributes of their terroir.

The history of Koomilya dates back to the late 19th century. It was originally established in 1892, standing as one of the oldest and most respected wineries in this prestigious wine-producing region. It's history is as rich and depthful as the wines it proudly produces.

Over the years, the vineyard has seen various proprietors, each contributing their unique touch to its storied legacy. However, the Koomilya name was revived and reimagined in the 21st century by master winemaker, Stephen Pannell. Impelled by a passion for the vine and a tantalising vision for the future, Pannell draws on traditional winemaking techniques and innovative practices to develop wines with incredible depth, complexity, and character.

Koomilya Winery’s portfolio showcases single-vineyard wines, predominantly drawn from Shiraz and Grenache varietal grapes. These wines are impressively concentrated and finely structured, offering a robust palate and a persistent finish; truly encapsulating the essence of McLaren Vale.

Visiting Koomilya Winery is a remarkable experience. The rustic feel of the wineries landscape punctuated with rows of old-growth vines, against the backdrop of undulating hills creates a mesmerising scene. Visitors are able to learn about the winemaking process, take part in wine-tasting sessions and, even purchase some of their favourite vintages to take home.

In sum, Koomilya Winery stands as a beacon of winemaking excellence. Defining the epitome of South Australian wine, it lingers on the palate, lingers in the heart, and just might inspire you to linger a little longer beneath the warm Australian sun.

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Sold in multiples of 6
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