Lenzmark - New Chapter

Lenzmark - New Chapter

About Lenzmark - New Chapter

Established in the heart of England's green countryside, Lenzmark - New Chapter Winery is a breath-taking venue that pays homage to traditional wine making. Nestled amidst rolling green landscapes, this charming winery paints a picture of elegance and tranquillity. From bold zinfandels to delicate rose blushes. It truly epitomises the artistry of English winemaking.

Its rustic, farmhouse exterior beckons those with a passion for fine wines and an appreciation for enchanting, natural beauty. Boasting rows upon rows of meticulously-maintained vineyards, each featuring a diverse range of grape varietals, the New Chapter Winery embodies an optimal blend of age-old traditions and innovative viticulture techniques. It's quickly carving an unforgettable name for itself within the thriving British winery scene.

At Lenzmark, it's more than just the flavoursome and organically-produced wines that captivate the heart. The property itself plays host to picturesque trails weaving through lush vineyards and open farmland ideal for peaceful walks and explorations. Whether you wish to take a leisurely stroll or participate in one of their interactive tours, you'll no doubt be captivated by the rich and textured history of New Chapter's winemaking process.

Guided tours offer an insight into the science behind the complex flavours and aromas that make up each unique, handcrafted bottle. These experiences are an engaging journey from vine-to-glass; meticulously outlining each step of the wine production process. Meanwhile, tasting sessions reveal a variety of robust, full-bodied reds, crisp whites, and delightful rosés carefully curated by the winery’s team of experts,

Lenzmark - New Chapter Winery is an authentic and idyllic slice of England’s vineyard culture. A visit to this fascinating hub of wine production couples an education in world-class viticulture with the wholesome embrace of British rural charm. Offering more than just a tasting experience, it is the start of an unforgettable journey into the heart of English wine making.

Whether you're a wine connoisseur or a novice keen to dip your toes into the world of wine, Lenzmark - New Chapter Winery is an unmissable experience. How about it? Shall we meet for a glass at Lenzmark.

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