About Lillian

Nestled away in Southern England, tucked amidst the rolling vine-covered hills, you will find Lillian Winery. A place that truly embodies the essence of Britain's rich winemaking tradition and timeless elegance. This prestigious winery is a gem that remains undiscovered by many, remaining a cherished secret among passionate wine lovers and connoisseurs.

The winery owes its namesake to charismatic founder, Lillian Shepherd, whose vision for crafting wines that embody the soul of the English countryside is still alive today in every bottle produced. Her legacy is carried on by her two daughters, Sarah and Emily, who continue to passionately uphold her standards of excellence and commitment to authenticity.

Lillian Winery is a testament to quality over quantity. Every wine is carefully crafted with precision and patience. Rather than mass-produced, the winery focusses on ensuring each bottle is the product of handpicked grapes, nurtured with dedicated care, aged to perfection and finally, bottled with a spirit of respect for the craft of winemaking.

The highlight of Lillian Winery remains its signature offering the “Lillian's Selection,” a lush, full-bodied red that boasts of rich berries, dark chocolate undertones and an array of complex flavours that come together to provide a tantalising palate experience. In true British fashion the winery also offers a delightful array of white, blush, and sparkling wines reflective of the diverse yet complementary flavours of the English countryside.

You sanctuary awaits at Lillian Winery. Walk among its grandeur of lush vineyards, soak in the breathtaking views and delight in the premium wines on offer. Revel in the serene tasting experience under the timbered ceilings of the quaint estate or enjoy a curated private tour of the winemaking process. But beware: Once you've tasted the divine narrative of Lillian Winery you're unlikely to forget it. A world of English luxury and tradition unrolls with each sip, tempting you to lose yourself in the splendour of Lillian Winery.

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