Lobster Reef

Lobster Reef

About Lobster Reef

Nestled in the stunning countryside of Marlborough, New Zealand, you will find Lobster Reef winery. This esteemed establishment is a testament to excellency and enjoys a reputation for producing wines of remarkable quality. True connoisseurs are sure to appreciate the refined flavours and balanced notes that have become the winery's hallmark.

Inspired by its proximity to the sea, the winery was named after a rocky reef in the Marlborough Sounds. This picturesque landscape plays a key role in the creation of Lobster Reef's wines. With its temperate climate, abundant sunshine, and coastal breezes, this unique environment provides the perfect conditions for grapes to thrive.

The winery's vision is rooted in sustainability and respect for nature. Hence, the viticulture practices at Lobster Reef are designed to work harmoniously with the surrounding ecosystem. They go beyond simply producing stellar wines by making a commitment to be environmentally responsible. This visionary approach makes the winery a true pioneer in its field.

It's range of wines is diverse, catering to a wide variety of taste profiles. From crisp Sauvignon Blancs, full-bodied Chardonnays to aromatic Pinot Noirs, there's a bottle to delight every palate. Despite their variety, all wines share a distinct character, a certain complexity of taste, influenced by the terrain the vines are grown on.

Experiencing the wines of Lobster Reef is about more than savouring a delightful tipple; it's an invitation to embark on a journey flavoured with maritime influences and imbued with the essence of the New Zealand landscape. As they often say in these parts, “The best wines are those that take you on a journey, and Lobster Reef certainly does just that.

This winery isn't just producing outstanding wines, it's creating stories – elegant, enriching and eminently savourable. Indeed, to taste the wines of Lobster Reef is to taste the spirit of Marlborough!

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