M. Chapoutier - Domaine Tournon

M. Chapoutier - Domaine Tournon

About M. Chapoutier - Domaine Tournon

Hailing from the prime wine-producing region of the Rhône Valley in France, M. Chapoutier is a name that carries significant pedigree amongst wine enthusiasts globally. Under the stewardship of Michel Chapoutier since 1990, the maison has pursued a singular objective – to magnify the expression of terroir. M. Chapoutier - Domaine Tournon, situated in the heart of the Victorian Pyrenees and Heathcote, is one of the maison’s representative vineyards in the southern hemisphere.

Spanning over 20 hectares, Domaine Tournon was named in honour of the historic town, Tournon-sur-Rhône. The vineyard’s unique terroir is marked by ancient soils with distinct geological compositions. The beneficial microclimate pairs with the favourable soil richness, rendering Domaine Tournon as an ideal setting for cultivating particularly rich, full-bodied shiraz and grenache.

Progressive and visionary, Chapoutier made a bold departure from traditional practices when he introduced biodynamic farming. Every bottle from M. Chapoutier - Domaine Tournon speaks to their profound respect for nature and commitment to sustainability. Biodynamic principles have shaped their winemaking process, manifesting in wines that are not just organically pure but remarkably flavourful and balanced.

For M. Chapoutier, wine is a journey that ignites the senses and unravels the intricacies of the landscape it hails from. Using a unique code system that’s featured on each bottle, M. Chapoutier Domaine Tournon invites both sighted and visually-impaired wine lovers to this sensory exploration,

Nestled amidst the idyllic stretch of the Victorian Pyrenees and Heathcote's rustic charm, M. Chapoutier - Domaine Tournon is a beacon of world-class winemaking. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a novice, take your palate on a journey of discovery to this extraordinary vineyard, where every sip promises an exceptional blend of tradition, progression and earthy elegance.

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