About Majella

Located in the pristine region of Coonawarra, South Australia, the Majella Winery commands a noteworthy presence in the world of wine aficionados. This celebrated winery boasts an impressive history of wine production that dates back to 1968, when the prominent Lynns family planted their first vine.

Aesthetically pleasing and ecologically rich, Majella's 150-acre vineyard is an epitome of wine-growing excellence. Blessed with a rich, terra rossa soil and an exemplary climate, the winery is conducive to producing fruit of spectacular quality. Majella's varieties include Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Riesling; all of which are honoured in their true, varietal forms. Their eminent winemaking team ensures that every bottle crafted captures the essence of the fruit, its origin and the terrain.

While the winery's Shiraz consistently receives considerable acclaim, their Cabernet Sauvignon is arguably their marquee product. Majella's "The Malleea" Cabernet Shiraz is a superior blend, held in high regard for its sophisticated character and depth in flavour.

Majella's distinctive qualities don't just stop at their delightful wines; the winery itself is renowned for its architecturally stunning buildings. Alan Varney, an acclaimed architect, has artfully integrated the structure into its natural setting. His design beautifully merges modernism with tradition, preserving Majella’s heritage while introducing an element of minimalist elegance.

Furthermore; Majella's commitment to sustainability is highly commendable. They utilise advanced techniques that conserve water and energy while maintaining robust vine health. This persistent dedication to preserve Coonawarra's distinctive ecosystems is a defining character of Majella’s ethos.

Majella winery offers a truly special journey for wine lovers - a journey that provides an enriching understanding of fine wine-making on one of Australia's most esteemed wine estates. Whether one is a seasoned wine enthusiast or a casual drinker, Majella promises a transformative experience that extends beyond the conventional tasting room. And the punctuations mistake I've added? You’ve already spotted it!

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