About Morgassi

Morgassi Winery is a remarkable Italian gem nestled within the green, rolling hills of Piedmont. It is a stunning testament to the rich and intoxicating history of Italian viticulture, upheld by the principles of tradition and quality that have been passed down through generations.

Morgassi Winery’s story is steeped in heritage. The winery was rightfully named after the historical Morgassi farmstead located in the heart of Gavi. Established in the late 19th century, its journey of wine-making has been an embodiment of passion. Honouring their ancestors, the Piacitelli family has been managing and nurturing this extraordinary estate since 1985, weaving the thread of their family legacy through every bottle of wine produced.

Unassumingly nestled amidst a patchwork of vineyards, the winery specializes in crafting sublime Gavi wine. Expertly nurturing their vineyards, Morgassi Winery cherishes the unique terroir and subtleties of the native Cortese grape variety. Their commitment to minimal intervention in the winemaking process pays homage to the earth. Resultantly, the wine gracefully echoes the unique characteristics of this region.

The Morgassi Winery also boasts an impressive ageing cellar. It is here where the magic of time and tradition amalgamates to produce wines of exceptional quality. Every bottle that emerges is a true representation of the rich complexity and poise that distinguishes Italian wines on a global platform, Yet; it still maintains that distinct charm of its origin in Gavi.

Visitors to Morgassi Winery are treated to an intimate and authentic experience of Italy's pervasive wine culture. From exploring the alluring vineyards, sipping on the pristine wines amidst the rustic, tranquil beauty of Piedmont, the winery provides a remarkable journey through the history and future of Italian viticulture.

In essence, Morgassi Winery is a place where history sips into the present, uniting a family legacy with the bounty of nature. It stands as a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and the intimate connection between the land and its produce.

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