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Norman Hardie

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Nestled within the lush Quinte's Isle's vineyards, the Norman Hardie Winery stands synonymous with the refined Canadian viticulture. Established in 2003 by the eponymous Norman Hardie, a Canadian sommelier trained in Burgundy, this winery specialises predominantly in Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Committed to authenticity, the Norman Hardie wines offer a genuine terroir experience. The vineyard's unique cool-climate locale combined with the limestone base rich with minerals, helps to create wines with an exceptional sense of place.

Norman Hardie Winery is not just about wine, though. It's also a place where patrons are treated to a gourmet experience. Their wood-fired pizza oven crafts authentic pizzas that pair perfectly with their fine wines. Moreover, the open patio that overlooks the vineyards provides the perfect backdrop for a leisurely lunch.

This Canadian jewel definitely impresses with its rigorous adherence to the tradition of winemaking Its scale is surprisingly small, but the selected range of crafted wines is not limited by quantity, but rather, defined by quality.

Friendly, unpretentious yet committed to perfection, Norman Hardie Winery is a must-visit destination for any oenophile. Offering a delightful gustatory experience that intertwines the rich flavour profiles of it's wine and food, and the warmth of hospitality, it provides a memorable occasion for every visitor; Who could resist such sublime indulgence?

Note: do keep in mind the seasonal operations, as the winery’s tasting room and pizza oven are open from April through December. Bookings may also be required for larger parties, a detail that you may want to consider when planning a visit.

In conclusion, Norman Hardie Winery is a breath of traditional refinement in the sometimes-overwhelming world of wine. An ambience that appeases both beginners and seasoned wine lovers alike, it promises a tasting experience that's simply un-matchable.

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