About Orben

Located in the heart of the picturesque Rioja Alavesa region, the Orben winery embodies a unique fusion of tradition and modernity. It stands as a tribute to the timeless art of winemaking, reflecting a rich legacy nurtured over centuries but with a contemporary edge.

Amidst its lush vineyards that sprawl across 79 individual parcels, Orben cultivates some of the oldest grape varieties in the region. Known for its commitment to quality and attention to every detail, Orben devotes phenomenal care and consideration to each vine, treating it as an individual entity rather than merely part of a larger crop.

The winery itself is a marvel of modern architecture. Nestled into the rolling hillsides, it has been designed to blend seamlessly into the landscape. The facilities inside however, bear the hallmark of state-of-the-art technology guided by a philosophy of respect for the land and the region's viticultural history.

Orben’s assortment of wines truly capture the essence of the region, perfectly expressing the unique terroir. Their varietals are characteristically full-bodied and strikingly elegant, making a clear testament to the power of careful hand-harvesting and small-batch fermentation.

Moreover, the winery offers agri-tourism experiences, welcoming visitors to explore the wonders of the vine-to-bottle journey. Visitors can marvel at Orben’s finely crafted wines in the tasting room, meandering through the barrel room, or while enjoying panoramic views of the vineyard.

Orben winery, serves as not merely a winery, but a testament to pure dedication, innovation, and respect for the ancient winemaking traditions of the Rioja Alavesa region. It paints a vivid tale of wine creation that unfolds in every sip savoured by connoisseurs and novices alike?

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