About Ovid

Ovid Winery is a captivating establishment nestled in the heart of Napa Valley, California. This idyllic venue, founded in the year 2000, is a testament to the artistry of winemaking and unyielding dedication to quality. Named after the famed Roman poet, Ovid, the winery's ethos is deeply rooted in the evocative power of storytelling, in both their wines and the experience they offer.

Centring upon organically grown Bordeaux varietals, their carefully curated range includes assertive Cabernet Sauvignons, complex Cabernet Francs, and nuanced blends reminiscent of Earth's elements. Insomuch, Ovid's repertoire is a harmonious symphony of taste, complexity and finesse, inspired by their exquisite terroir.

The 15-acre estate offers panoramic views of the Napa Valley. complimenting the sensory exploration that their wines evoke. Sustainable farming is a cornerstone at Ovid, reflecting a fervent respect for the land and an unwavering commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

Visiting Ovid is indeed a fascinating, immersive experience. Beyond the sampling of their distinguished wines, you are offered insights into sustainable farming, the winemaking process and the rich history of the region. With sophisticated architecture fused seamlessly with the Californian landscape, the winery itself is a vision to behold. It perfectly marries the technicality of modern winemaking with the organic beauty of nature.

To visit Ovid is to be a part of a story; one that began on the time-worn soils of Napa Valley. It’s a legacy woven from passion, craftsmanship, and an enduring love for the vine, inviting everyone to appreciate the fruits of its labour. So, if you find yourself reminiscing about the sunshine dancing on the surface of your wine. Ovid is most certainly a visit worth making.

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