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Peller Estates

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Nestled in the heart of Ontario’s Niagara Peninsula, lies the esteemed Peller Estates Winery. Originating from humble beginnings, this exceptional winery has matured into an empyreal haven of quality wine production. It represents a testament to the dedication and excellence within Canadian wine cultivation, moreover, it embodies the very essence of family traditions, passed down from one generation to the next.

Andrew Peller, a Hungarian immigrant, founded Peller Estates in 1927, with a vision of creating a turnkey winemaking establishment in Canada. He yearned to craft award-winning, excellent quality wines that mirrored the elegance and drip-feed sophistication of their European counterparts. Today, Peller Estates vines spreads over 300 acres of premium vineyards, with a diverse range of grape varieties allowing them to produce an abundance of elegant, high-quality wines.

One of the striking features of Peller Estates is the on-site restaurant. The winery’s culinary team, led by Executive Chef and CityLine personality Jason Parsons, is dedicated to providing extraordinary wine country dining experiences. Whether sat on the terrace during a summer's day or taking refuge in the warm ambiance of the restaurant, guests can savour gourmet meals flawlessly paired with wines to tantalise and tease tempting palettes.

Visitors are also invited to participate in wine tours and tastings. During these sessions, the splendour of the vineyards and the intricacy of the winemaking process are unveiled, epitomising the dedication that the Peller family has devoted to their craft for nearly a century.

It’s not hard to see why Peller Estates is so well-loved, its unparalleled reputation is testament, not only to Andrew Peller’s original vision, but also to the unwavering commitment of his progeny. As a destination of both elegance and intrigue, Peller Estates Winery is a true gem within Canada's blooming wine industry. As a family legacy and as craftsmen of exquisite wines, it is an experience not to miss. One can only imagine the next innovation to be birthed from Peller Estates creativity and love for wine.

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