About Penner-Ash

Renowned for its dynamic approach to winemaking, Penner-Ash Winery is a classic fixture in Oregon's wine country. The winery, established in 1998, boasts an impeccable reputation for producing superior quality Pinot Noir and Viognais. Founder Lynn Penner-Ash's passion for the craft has allowed the winery to blossom into one of the premium spots on Oregon's wine map

The winery's land, nestled among rolling hills in the Willamette Valley, provides the perfect environment for developing intricately flavoured grapes. The vineyards, attentively cared for and nurtured, are the lifeblood of the Penner-Ash name.

The winery's unwavering commitment to sustainable farming underscores its denizen-like homage to Oregon's bounty. As stewards of the land, they have implemented a series of practices, such as erosion control and a biodiversity initiative, which make a significant impact in preserving the vitality of their vineyards,

Visiting Penner-Ash Winery is a connoisseur's delight, but it equally welcomes those new to wine. The rustic tasting room, embellished with wooden details and a warm fireplace, along with panoramic views of the vineyard create a tranquil ambience. The casual, laid-back setting allows for an intimate, unhurried sampling of their array of exquisite wines.

Stepping it up a notch are their elevated tasting experiences. The Winemaker's Table gives just a handful of guests per day the opportunity to indulge in a curated selection of Penner-Ash's archive and limited production wines. Each tasting is expertly paired with a carefully selected assortment of locally sourced cheeses and charcuterie.

In every gesture - from the nurturing of the vineyards, to the crafting of the wine, and through to the immersive, intimate tasting experiences - Penner-Ash Winery exudes a sense of refined elegance and an appreciation for the inherent beauty of Oregon’s winemaking traditions. A visit to Penner-Ash Winery, is more than a visit, it's a love-letter to the epicurean geniality of the grape.

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