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Philip Shaw

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Nestled in the heart of New South Wales, the Philip Shaw winery is a shining beacon of Australian winemaking. With sweeping panoramic vistas of the undulating countryside, the vineyard rests atop the volcanic slopes of Mount Canobolas, establishing itself as one of the world's highest altitude, cool climate vineyards.

Philip Shaw, a seasoned and skilled winemaker, combines passion, artistry and expertise to craft outstanding, award-winning wines. Notably, he was recognised as the International Winemaker of the Year not once, but twice! His intuitive grasp of the complex contours of the grape growing process, fused with the utilisation of cutting-edge winemaking technologies, ensures that each bottle encapsulates the authentic essence of its terroir.

The vineyard is planted with a variety of grape types, abundant in charming Chardonnay, sumptuous Shiraz, and palatable Pinot Noir. Philip Shaw's wines are celebrated for their attention to detail, distinctive flavour profiles, and unrivalled balance - attributes that have solidified their global reputation and attract discerning wine enthusiasts from around the world to sample these delights at their cellar door.

The Philip Shaw winery experience extends beyond the divine wine tasting. With its unique architecture and serene atmosphere, it is an ideal location for leisurely walks through the vineyard. On top of these, the winery often hosts social events, such as vineyard tours, gastronomic feasts, and intimate concerts.

Whether you’re a wine aficionado or simply a leisure traveller, Philip Shaw winery promises an unforgettable sojourn filled with the aroma of juicy grapes, the taste of world-renowned wines, and scenic beauty that is second to none. It's, a love letter to the art and science of winemaking, painted in the most vibrant of tones by the hand of its namesake, Philip Shaw.

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