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Pirie wines, a premium Tasmanian winery, is nestled in an idyllic location amidst the pristine beauty of Tamar Valley, renowned for its cool climate viticulture. Striking the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, this winery strives to deliver wines that reflect the true charm of the region.

Operating under the winemaking philosophy that ideal wines are made in the vineyard itself, Pirie’s wines are crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The vineyards are wholly dedicated to sustainable farming practices to preserve the natural beauty and integrity of the land. Natural pest control methods and the use of organic compost play significant roles in their agri-practices.

Pirie’s extensive portfolio of wines is a true reflection of Tasmania's unique terrior. The cool climate lends itself to producing wines with an elegant structure, bright acidity and extraordinary longevity. In particular, the winery is acclaimed for its signature sparkling wines, which exude elegance and complexity in every sip. In fact, Pirie can proudly claim the title for producing the first Traditional Method sparkler in Tasmania!

The tasting room at Pirie welcomes both local and international wine enthusiasts in its rustic, intimate set-up. Here, the visitors are offered wine tastings, guided vineyard tours and the opportunity to delve into the narrative of Tasmanian wine.

Despite its accolades and high-quality products Pirie remains rooted in its commitment to create environmentally-friendly, sustainable wines, The entire team at Pirie winery passionately cares for the earth and is dedicated to crafting wines that are an honest expression of their terrior. Pirie is indeed, an enchanting place where nature and wine intertwine to create an immersive experience unlike any other.

Clearly Pirie Wines is more than just a winery. It is a testament to Tasmanian winemaking, a story of committed sustainability', and a celebration of the unparalleled connection between man and nature.

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