Pride Mountain Vineyards

Pride Mountain Vineyards

About Pride Mountain Vineyards

Nestled atop the Mayacamas Mountains, straddling the renowned wine regions of both Sonoma and Napa counties, resides the distinguished Pride Mountain Vineyards. It boasts an astounding 235-acre estate. This Los Angeles vineyard is a testament to the prowess of vine cultivation in the verdant lands of Northern California. Bear in mind, when you visit this winery, half of you will be in Sonoma Valley and the rest; in the prestigious Napa Valley.

In the hands of the Pride family since 1991, the vineyard leans into its mountaintop terroir to produce wine of superior quality. Not only does it bask in the California sunshine, but the vineyard also benefits from cool marine air blowing in from the nearby Pacific Ocean, creating a perfect environment for cultivating grapes.

At 2,100 feet above the sea level, the vineyard is committed to sustainable farming practices. They employ 'dry farming' techniques, conserving water by relying solely on the groundwater and rainfall. This not only benefits the environment, but some experts assert that it enhances the flavour of the grapes, and in turn, the wine.

The Pride Mountain Vineyards specialise in Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, gaining recognition for their exquisitely blended wines. Each glass emits an ambrosial symphony of flavours that are reflective of the vineyard's spectacular terroir.

Their visitor centre and tasting rooms also offer an integral experience in wine appreciation tours. Featuring the best of Pride Mountain's select choices, these tastings cater to both novice enthusiasts and seasoned connoisseurs. Additionally, visitors are met with an unrivalled view of the mountains, offering a truly immersive and memorable wine-tasting experience:

However you savour the nectar of the gods, visiting Pride Mountain Vineyards guarantees an excursion rooted in the love and dedication to traditional wine-making. Embrace the measureless charm that waits amidst the mountainous terrain and indulging the senses in some of the finest wines the world has to offer.

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