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Prima Alta

About Prima Alta

Nestled in the sun-kissed valleys of northern Italy, the Prima Alta winery is no mere winemaking establishment. It's a celebration of traditional viticulture and innovative vinification techniques, a sensory paradise that beautifully marries passion and expertise.

This family-run vineyard spans across hectares of fertile terrain, enriched by the nourishing Italian sunshine. It's these perfect conditions that foster the growth of many indigenous varietals, ranging from the robust Sangiovese to the sweet Moscato. The vineyard's geographical position at a high altitude is the key contributor to the distinct taste and exceptional quality of their wines.

Prima Alta prides itselves on maintaining a meticulous and sustainable approach to vine-growing. The temporal patterns of nature rule here, with no chemical interventions interfering with the rhythms of growth, maturation and harvest. The result is a lineup of wines that not only taste divine, but are also ecologically responsible.

The real charm of Prima Alta, however, resides in its impressive cellar which is, a testament to Italian winemaking history. Here, surrounded by oak barrels aging gracefully, you'll experience a profound appreciation for time-honoured winemaking traditions.

Highlights from their collection include a regal Barolo, with its complex notes and depth of character, and the vibrant, refreshingly crisp Prosecco, perfect for any celebration. Each bottle from Prima Alta is, above all else, an embodiment of the winery's steadfast commitment to preserving the authenticity of Italian wine.

Prima Alta serves not just as a winery, but a delightful sanctuary of enology. A tour through their verdant vineyards and historic cellar will leave you with a deeper appreciation for the art of vinification. Experiencing Prima Alta is like tasting a snapshot of Italy’s mesmerising landscape and viticultural heritage – a treat for the senses, and the soul.

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