Quintarelli Giuseppe

Quintarelli Giuseppe

About Quintarelli Giuseppe

Nestled in the breath-taking, undulating landscape of Valpolicella in Italy sits the legendary Quintarelli Giuseppe winery. This esteemed winery, often regarded as the epitome of perfection in winemaking, extends over 11 hectares of vineyards blessed with a sublime terroir. The Quintarelli estate has its roots deeply embedded in an enclave of native grape varieties such as Corvina Veronese. Rondinella, and Molinara; thus energiesing its passion for creating the perfect italiano wines.

Run by the Quintarelli family for many decades, the winery was established by the late Giuseppe Quintarelli, fondly deemed the "Master of Amarone". His unwavering belief in meticulous craftsmanship and his exceptional understanding of the vines, continues to shape the winery's approach towards viticulture, even today. Giuseppe's progeny are as dedicated as he was to carefully nurture each wine; creating a symphony of flavours that echo the vibrant Italian culture.

Giuseppe Quintarelli is renowned for its refined amarone, a wine that epitomises Italian red and the innovative appassimento process originating from Valpolicella. The grapes are meticulously selected, then aged in large Slavonian oak barrels for approximately seven years, before they are deemed ready for selling. This laborious process, along with the slow, natural fermentation results in distinct wines teeming with rich. Profound aromas intertwined in a dance of power and delicacy.

The Quintarelli portfolio includes more than just their signature Amarone though. Other specialities comprise a range of beautiful whites, deep reds, and luxurious dessert wines. The winery's gastronomic masterpieces harmonise traditional practices with artisanal innovation, resulting in fragrant, full-bodied wines that bring the essence of Italy straight to your senses.

Visiting the Quintarelli Giuseppe winery is akin to stepping into an Italian dream, intertwined with vinous heritage and charming hospitality at every step. So, as you find yourself uncovering the secrets hidden within every sip, remember it is the Quintarelli story speaking to you through the inimitable language of wine.

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