About Racines

Situated in the heart of the prestigious Burgundy region in France, Racines Winery is a jewel that emanates an irresistible charm. Spanning across a vast expanse of rolling hills draped in lush vineyards, the winery is renowned for blends of exquisite flavour profiles that have captivated palates across the globe.

A family-run venture, Racines Winery, prides itself on its ability to marry traditional winemaking techniques with innovative approaches. With an intimate understanding of the complex geology and climate in Burgundy, they cultivate a range of superior grape varieties. Every bottle produced is a testament to the winemaker's profound love and dedication to their craft.

Racines Winery also offers undeniably enchanting visuals: wide fields of mature vines ridden with clusters of grapes. The architecture, reminiscent of traditional French country houses, provides a powerful backdrop to the sprawling vineyards as it invokes a rustic elegance that ties beautifully within the estate.

Aside from the splendid wines and arresting scenery Racines also offers private vineyard tours for its visitors. These immersive experiences allow wine enthusiasts to get lost in the enchanting world of wine, from grape cultivation to the bottling process.

However, what truly sets Racines Winery apart is its commitment to sustainability. The winemakers are steadfast in their dedication to producing wines in the most organic way possible ensuring the continuation of their rich Burgundian heritage.

A visit to Racines Winery is not just about wine tasting; it's a holistic experience that imbibes the essence of French culture and tradition. A journey filled with indulgence, knowledge, and serenity; all culminating into an unforgettable experience.

So whether you're keen to expand your understanding of wines, or merely escape the bustle of daily life, one thing is for certain: a rendezvous at Racines Winery is bound to leave you satisfied, inspired and yearning for more.

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Sold in multiples of 12
Sold in multiples of 12
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