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Rancho Zabaco

About Rancho Zabaco

Nestled in the heart of scenic Sonoma County, the Rancho Zabaco winery is an exemplary producer of fine California wines. With its rich history spanning across several generations, this esteemed winery cultivates a profound blend of tradition and innovation, rightfully securing its place among California's best winemaking establishments.

Rancho Zabaco draws its fastidious wine-making craft from an extensive lineage of Spanish winemaking tradition. Their vineyard showcases a vast array of vines, meticulously cultivated on the fertile soils of Sonoma's celebrated wine-growing regions. This painstaking cultivation, coupled with the California sun, yields an array of lush fruit that form the core of Rancho Zabaco's remarkable wines.

One distinguishable trait of the Rancho Zabaco winery, is their pioneering exploration into the realm of Zinfandel wine. Their deep-rooted passion for this coveted grape variety is plain to see in their exhaustive repertoire of Zinfandels which expertly captures the essence of Sonoma County.

This beloved winery's showstopper wine is the 'Sonoma Heritage Vines' Zinfandel. Befittingly receiving high praise from critics and wine connoisseurs alike, it effortlessly personifies buoyant flavours of spicy berries and supple tannins. However, Rancho Zabaco's commitment to creating quality wines stretches well beyond Zinfandels. They pay homage to the varietal heritage of Sonoma County by producing a spectrum of exquisite wines, ranging from the structured and bold Cabernet Sauvignon to the elegant and refined Chardonnay.

The hospitable and professional staff at Rancho Zabaco welcomes visitors to savour the authentic experience, that encompasses not only exquisite wine tasting but also an exploration of the vineyard's age-old secrets. The tasting room’s ambience basks in tranquillity and refined elegance, inspiring a sense of relaxation and escape from the rigours of everyday life.

On your next visit to Sonoma County, do yourself a favour and drop by Rancho Zabaco winery, a perfect finishing touch to an unforgettable wine-tasting journey across California's wine country.

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