About Renwood

Nestled amidst a picturesque setting in the heart of the wine country of California, Renwood Winery is a hidden gem boasting an enduring legacy of premium quality wine production. The winery, established in 1993, dedicates itself to the art of crafting the finest Zinfandel. However, it also produces an impressive array of additional varietals such as Syrah, Barbera, and Old Vine Zinfandel to name just a few.

Located in the Amador County, the winemaker’s base draw upon the rich, diverse soils and a favourable climate, to produce a dazzling assortment of wines that dance upon the palate with rich, sun-drenched flavours. Renwood Winery is well-known for its opulent, robust, and balanced reds with a remarkable focus on Zinfandel.

Expertise and passion come together in the hands of the winemaker, who meticulously brings out the best characteristics of the grapes in every bottle produced. Not only does their crafting process reflect a deep reverence for traditional winemaking, but it also embraces innovation, resulting in truly spectacular wines.

Visiting Renwood Winery is a must for every wine enthusiast. It’s not just the outstanding wines that are a draw; the serene, natural ambiance paired with sophisticated hospitality services make it a captivating destination. Visitors can indulge in exclusive wine tasting sessions visiting, explore insights into the winemaking process and even enjoy exquisite gourmet food with perfectly paired Renwood wines.

Being passionate about sustainability, this winery is respectful of the natural landscape and ensures its practices are eco-friendly. Also, Renwood uses 100% green power in their winery operation to minimise their carbon footprint.

Through their unparalleled dedication, Renwood Winery continue to contribute to California’s wine industry and continues to win awards for its distinguished wines, living up to its reputation of being synonymous with excellence.

In conclusion, Renwood Winery is a captivating symphony of tradition, passion, and innovation that crafts not just unique wines but unforgettable experiences as, well.

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