Rocca di Castagnoli

Rocca di Castagnoli

About Rocca di Castagnoli

Situated in the idyllic heartland of Italy's Chianti Classico region, Rocca di Castagnoli winery is a rose-tinted vision of Tuscan tranquillity. Overlooking a panoramic landscape of verdant vineyards, the estate is carefully nestled amidst the rolling hills of Castagnoli, retaining its quintessential charm.

The historic vineyard boasts an established reputation for producing an exclusive selection of world-renowned wines revered for their exceptional quality and unparalleled flavour profiles. The estate's speciality lies in crafting Chianti Classico wines, remarkably distinct for their rich intensity and bold character. Rocca di Castagnoli is also known for producing exceptional Sangiovese grape varieties, carrying a unique blend of earthy and fruity notes that lend an exclusive taste to their wines.

In addition to its celebrated vineyards, the winery occupies a grand, luxurious mansion dating back to the 12th century. This medieval castle offers captivating views of the vine-laden landscape, providing the ideal setting for tranquil stays in its well-appointed guest rooms all steeped with traditional Tuscan charm.

Rocca di Castagnoli winery is no, less than a dreamy wine paradise! The legacy of the land coupled with modern winemaking techniques, ensures each sip of Rocca di Castagnoli's blend is an epicurean delight, a contemporary journey through centuries of wine-making tradition.

Visitors are warmly invited to the estate to explore the mystical world of Italian wines, indulge in guided tours around the historic vineyards, or enjoy tailored tasting sessions under the Tuscan sun. Within the heart of Chianti Classico, the winery is not just a haven for oenophiles, but a deeply enriching cultural experience steeped in historical grandeur, where the finest wines are matured with time, patience, and passion.

At Rocca di Castagnoli, the timeless art of winemaking is passionately preserved and every aspect of the winery is but a testament to their endless love and dedication to the craft. Savour the age-old tradition of Italian viticulture in every sip, and immerse yourself in the intoxicating spirit of Rocca di Castagnoli winery. It's an experience simply not to be missed.

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