About Sacchetto

Nestled in the verdant plains of Veneto and Friuli, the Sacchetto winery is steeped in years of wine-making tradition. This Italian gem dates back to the 1900s when Sisto Sacchetto, the founding grandfather, first established the winery in his pursuit of distilling the allure of their local vines within a bottle.

The winery has been passed down generations and is currently under the careful stewardship of Filippo Sacchetto. Filippo's diligent commitment to the vineyard is palpable throughout its 260 hectares. Everything is minutely managed, from the nurturing of the ripe grape bunches basking under the Italian sun to the efficient winemaking techniques to preserve the regional flavours. Their dedication to continuously improving the quality of wines has been the family's driving force; blending tradition with innovation.

Sacchetto offers an intriguing range of wine varieties, spreading across whites, reds, rose, sparkling and dessert wines. Each vintage tells a unique story of the year's climatic condition and winemaking decisions. Among this treasure trove, the Sacchetto Prosecco Fili holds a special place, delighting consumers with its exquisitely fizzy charm.

This vineyard is not just about the fine wines but also the unforgettable experiences. Touring around Sacchetto vineyard and cellar, guests are invited to learn the rich history, walk amid the sprawling vineyards, witness the intricacies of wine production, and indulge in the heavenly taste of Sacchetto wines.

Sacchetto stands as a testament to the love and respect for the land; it encapsulates the true essence of Italian winemaking. Offering elegant wines with exceptional quality and embracing the spirit of the region, it is no surprise that Sacchetto wines have gained recognition and applause across the globe.

It serves as the perfect summary of the Sacchetto family's legacy- a passion for wine making, belief in hard work, and a love for the land to produce wines that continue to enchant oenophiles the world over.

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