About Scarzello

Situated in the picturesque Langhe area, at the heart of the renowned region of Piemonte, Scarzello winery is a well-respected name among Italy's vibrant wine producers. Boasting a longstanding heritage, the estate has been meticulously preserving and enhancing the quality and prestige of its vineyards since 1930.

Scarzello winery is a family-owned endeavour. The current custodian of the winery, Federico Scarzello has successfully harnessed modern techniques whilst respecting the artisanal legacy of his forefathers. This fine balance between old and new has superbly upheld the robust reputation of Scarzello within the highly competitive realm of Italian wineries.

The estate spans almost six hectares scattered around the idyllic village of Barolo. In these vineyards, the predominance of the, Nebbiolo grape variety, holds a special place. Scarzello’s Barolo wines, Dollente and San Pietro, are testimony to their commitment to the promotion of this local varietal. These wines are highly lauded for their rich complexity and characteristic regional flavours.

At Scarzello, winemaking is viewed as a harmonious symphony playing out through the cycle of seasons. Every step of the process from vine cultivation, to grape harvesting and fermentation, is meticulously supervised to ensure the end product is nothing short of exceptional. Their commitment to high-quality, hand-picked grapes and slow, careful maturation process specifically sets them apart on the international stage.

Indeed, a visit to Scarzello winery is not merely a tasting session, it's a journey through the tasteful world of Italian viticulture enveloped in tradition, quality, and innovation. Whether you are a seasoned wine enthusiast or an amateur seeking to enhance your knowledge about fine wines, Scarzello winery is sure to be an enriching experience worth cherishing.

Thus, Scarzello stands as a testament to the timeless allure of Italian enology and continues to uphold the spirit of a bygone era, whilst fearlessly embracing new ways of creation, and providing a rich, unmissable culinary experience.

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