About Siduri

Established in 1994 by husband and wife duo, Adam and Dianna Lee, Siduri winery is located in the heart of Sonoma County, California. Dedicated to crafting single-vineyard specified, Pinot Noir wines, the brand has earned a well-deserved reputation for excellence.

Every bottle of wine produced at Siduri is a work of art, showcasing the distinctive terroir of each vineyard. Spanning across California’s vast landscape, from the Santa Lucia Highlands in the South to the Willamette Valley in the North. This broad scope allows Siduri to highlight the unique characteristics of each region in their vineyard designated wines. The end result is an array of beautifully balanced wines, each with its own distinct personality.

At the helm of Siduri Winery is winemaker Adam Lee. Known for his approachable style, Lee's passion for Pinot Noir shines through each and every bottle he produces. His attention to detail is unmatched. Every step of the wine preparation process, from hand harvesting grapes to barrel aging the wine in French Oak, is meticulously overseen by Lee and his team.

Moreover, Siduri is not just a producer of outstanding wines. It is also a purveyor of unforgettable experiences. Whether you opt for the traditional tasting or decide to indulge in the exceptional food and wine pairing offered.

In terms of sustainability, they are among one of the leading vineyards within California. They are actively committed to implementing eco-friendly practices. These range from using natural predators to combat pests in the vines to solar panels powering the winery. They ensure that their commitment to earth-friendly practices enhances both the quality of their wines and the natural beauty of their surroundings.

Siduri Winery offers you more than a glass of wine. Their deep-rooted ethos of art, passion, precision and environmental stewardship guarantees, a taste of Siduri means a taste of California itself! If your appreciation of wine extends beyond the glass, Siduri winery awaits your discovery.

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