About Summerhouse

Perched along the scenic landscapes of the South Downs, Summerhouse Winery is a treasure trove of vinous delights. Uncover this hidden gem, enshrouded in the quintessential charm of rural England warmth, where an enlightening libation experience awaits. Revered for its resplendent setting and flavoured artistry of wines, it is no wonder this winery stands as a beacon among wine enthusiasts.

Summerhouse Winery is a boutique establishment with a focus on sustainability. Having adopted eco-friendly practises, it prides in its vineyard sprawling across verdant acreages, offering an enchanting blend of terroir-centric wines. The winery’s ethos is embedded in equilibrium – nurturing the symbiotic relationship between nature and winemaking. The robust vines, bathed in abundant sunshine dance in tandem with the gentle Sussex breeze crafting, yielding elegant English wines with expressive character.

With an actor for a ubiquitous range of wine profiles, Summerhouse Winery has something for every palate. It boasts a collection of tasteful whites, vivacious reds and seductive sparkling wines that marry perfectly with various cuisines. The luscious Chardonnay, the full-bodied Pinot Noir and the effervescent Brut Nature often take the spotlight; presented in tastefully designed bottles and encapsulating the winery’s artisan craftsmanship.

Touring Summerhouse Winery also offers the chance to brush up on your understanding of wine making. During the interactive sessions, winemakers shed light on the enigmatic beauty of wine crafting in the backdrop of tranquil vineyards – a picture perfect setting for any wine lover..

As you walk through the serene vineyard, mesmerised by rows of vines stretching into the horizon, nature often puts on an impromptu show. Wild rabbits chasing each other while chorusing birds supplying a symphony of melodies; summerhouse Winery has all baked in. A visit here not only fills your glass but your heart as well. A utopian junction where wine meets wonder; that's the Summerhouse Winery for you.

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