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Sunset Point

About Sunset Point

Sunset Point Winery is a charming, family-owned establishment set in the heart of the picturesque Plover, Wisconsin. As suggested by the name, the winery offers a stunning view of the mesmerising sunsets, a spectacle made more than a bit magical by the calming backdrop of wispy vineyards and sprawling countryside.

At Sunset Point Winery, the leitmotif is "passion for wine". This sentiment echoes in every bottle, carefully handcrafted using locally-grown grapes and an artful mix of traditional and modern winemaking techniques. The result is a tantalising array of fine wines, each boasting a distinct character and a delightful panoply of flavours designed to please even the most discerning palates.

The winery takes great pride in their flagship Wine of Sunset, a robust red with berry undertones. Yet Sunset Point's repertoire extends beyond this, offering everything from sweet dessert wines, to a refreshing white wine selection.

A visit to Sunset Point Winery is more than just a wine-tasting adventure. It's an all-embracing cultural experience steeped in old-world charm coupled with a warm hospitality that's uniquely Midwestern. One can partake in wine tours that give a sneak-peek into the winemaking process or attend wine pairing sessions hosted by a seasoned sommelier to enrich one's know-how.

Moreover, the winery houses an elegant tasting room where one can enjoy their chosen vintage in a cosy, non-intimidating setting. Then, there's the winery's boutique shop for wine-inspired retail therapy to buy merchandise like handmade wine racks, accessories: and of course, bottles of your favourite Sunset Point wine to take back home.

Sunset Point Winery is not just a place to sip great wines, it’s unearthing an experience, a place where every visitor is considered part of the extended family. So, if you're a bit of a wine enthusiast with a penchant for naturally beautiful locations and warm-hearted hosts, this gem of a place is well-worth discovering.

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