Tenuta Argentiera

Tenuta Argentiera

About Tenuta Argentiera

Set in the beautiful landscape of Tuscany, Tenuta Argentiera is a remarkable winery embodying the spirit of Italian tradition and culture. Nestled on the coast of Maremma, the winery is cradled in a region that boasts an enticing blend of both indigenous and international grape varieties.

Tenuta Argentiera has been standing tall for generations, with the undulating vineyards stretching far into the horizon. The winery owes its name to the silver mines that embellish its surrounds; Argentiera indeed translates to “silver mines” in English.

The estate covers approximately 500 hectares, a considerable slice of which is dedicated to vineyards. The varying altitudes and temperature differences between day and night generate an optimum condition, for the production of wines with unique characteristics. The intimate bond between the land, the climate, and the vine truly shapes the identity of Tenuta Argentiera; wines.

What sets Tenuta Argentiera apart is their adherence to the rich, historical winemaking techniques steeped in Italian tradition. A firm focus on modern technologies and sustainable viticulture methods however, sets the stage for new-age wine crafting. Its commitment to respecting the environment and pushing boundaries in cultivation techniques illustrates their ethos for creating nothing but the finest wines.

The fruits of their meticulous labour are exquisite wines. The range spans from a refreshingly vibrant Vermentino, a classic Chianti, to the nuanced Sangiovese blending beautifully with Cabernet Franc and Merlot. Each bottle is a testament to the exceptional terroir and painstaking craftsmanship that is interwoven in the Tenuta Argentiera story.

When you visit. Expect a warm Italian welcome, coupled with enlightening tours of their vineyards and cellars. It’s an irresistible opportunity to indulge in sophisticated wine tasting sessions that walk your palate through the myriad of flavours that Tenuta Argentiera boasts.

Whether you're a seasoned wine connoisseur or simply an admirer of Italian culture, a trip to Tenuta Argentiera promises an unforgettable experience, and a taste of Italy in every sip.

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Sold in multiples of 6
Sold in multiples of 6
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