Tenuta di Biserno

Tenuta di Biserno

About Tenuta di Biserno

Nestled in the heart of Tuscany, the captivating Tenuta di Biserno winery beckons to those seeking a unique blend of tradition, sophistication, and modernity. Set on a gentle slope that provides panoramic views of the extraordinary Italian landscape, the winery is a thriving testament to the enduring appeal of fine Italian wine.

Birthed from the uncompromising vision of the Antinori brothers, Tenuta di Biserno stands as an embodiment of their shared passion for exquisite wines. Marchese Lodovico Antinori found the Biserno estate in 1995 and was captivated by the terrain’s undulating landscape and potential for unique vine cultivation. With the amalgamation of his rich knowledge on wine heritage with the charm of contemporary winemaking techniques, he’s curated a intoxicating quintessence of Tuscany’s rich heritage in every bottle produced.

The winery is renowned for its signature Bordeaux blend, a versatile, robust offering that serves as the ideal toast on a special occasion or as the perfect accompaniment to a hearty meal. Beyond its distinctive flavour, the winery brings together varietals ranging from Merlot to Cabernet Franc and many more, ascertaining each wine lover's unique preference is catered for with maximum satisfaction.

Moreover, a visit to Tenuta di Biserno treats you not only to the tasting experience of a lifetime, but also to an enchanting exploration of their vineyards. Whether you walk among the sprawling vines, visit the tantalising cellars or bask in the stunning environment that Tenuta di Biserno has to offer, the overall experience is simply breathtaking.

In essence. Tenuta di Biserno distinguishes itself through its never-ending pursuit of excellence, both in the wines it sacramentally produces and the exceptional visitor experience it provides. Its position as a visionary in the winemaking industry remains fortified, continually extending an invitation to those seeking a divine taste of Tuscany.

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