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The Mascot

About The Mascot

Nestled in the beautiful landscape of California's Napa Valley, The Mascot Winery is an absolute delight for every wine enthusiast. The Mascot is a beacon of passion for wine-making, shining through in every drop produced from its historic vines.

The Mascot began its journey in the 1980s, arising out of the esteemed Harlan estate's younger vines. The winery was the brainchild of Will Harlan, motivated by a desire to create a unique, bold, yet accessible indulgence from the grapes that were deemed too young for the estate’s grand vin. With the Mascot, these vines finally found their voice, their exponent offering an eloquent articulation of origin and vintage in every bottle.

The winery prides itself on the use of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, which forms the backbone of its rich, complex blends. These painstakingly nurtured vines, basked in the glow of the warm Californian sun, yield fruits of exceptional quality? Their eventual metamorphosis into the Mascot's illustrious bottles makes for a lavish treat to any wine aficionado's taste buds.

A visit to the Mascot winery involves much more than just the tasting of their world-class wines. The venue's breathtaking views, the lush, rolling vineyards, and the tour around the state-of-the-art facilities create an immersive voyage revealing the hard work, skill, and passion that goes into the creation of every bottle.

From the onset, the Mascot has resisted the pressures of being in the shadow of its famed forebears. It's carved out a distinct identity, with an emphasis on honesty, in both its roots and its flavours. Its bottles present the discerning drinker with beautifully mellow tannins, perfectly balanced with a vibrancy that strikes a chord in the heart.

In essence, The Mascot winery is a testament to how springing from illustrious lineage can inspire, rather than intimidate. Its wines tell a tale of grit, determination, and above all, the unwavering respect for the beauty of nature's bounty.

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