About Tilia

Located in the heart of the Argentine wine country, Tilia Winery is a gem amongst aficionados of fine wines. Established in the Mendoza region, this winery uniquely combines two key elements of Argentinian winemaking - the warmth of the region and the exceptional terroir.

Boasting of moderation in both heat and altitude, the Mendoza wine region is host to an outstanding palette of rhythms, accompanied by long sunny days and crisp, cool high altitude nights. This unique climate creates near perfect conditions for Tilia Winery's grapes to ripen; allowing wine appreciators to taste exceptional, high-quality wines.

Tilia Winery is named after the Tilia tree, commonly found throughout the vineyards. This tree assembles a unique bonding agent of the local community – who harvest the flowers to produce a popular calming herbal tea in local communities. This symbolism of the vineyard's commitment to the local community is reflected by their respect and support of the land and people who work it.

The winery is recognised for it's well-articulated wines that express the terroir of the region like no other. Some of their standout selections include the Malbec, which courses with robust red fruit flavours; and the Torrontés, which charms with floral notes and spicy undertones.

One of the winery's most prized accomplishments is their commitment to sustainability. Their philosophy is encompassed by a deep connection to the land and its people. Using traditional refined winemaking techniques, the Tilia’s vineyard's unique focus on sustainability truly sets them apart in the world of viticulture

In addition to producing world-class wines. Tilia Winery offers a range of vineyard tours and wine tasting activities for visitors wishing to have an immersive wine country experience. Come and savor the fine product of the Argentine terroir with a visit to the exceptional Tilia Winery.

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