Torre de Oña

Torre de Oña

About Torre de Oña

Located in the heart of the Spanish region of Rioja Alavesa, lies the magnificent winery, Torre de Oña. Celebrated for its top-notch wines, beautiful boutique vineyard, and stunning architecture, Torre de Oña is more than just a winery: it’s an experience.

This lauded winery spans across 60 hectares of premium vineyard. Dotted with tempranillo, mazuelo, and viura grapes - it is a veritable paradise for viticulture enthusiasts. With a winemaking history dating back to 1987, Torre de Oña masterfully exemplifies the tradition and culture of the Rioja region.

The most remarkable aspect of the winery is perhaps the combination of both modern and traditional wine-producing methods followed in perfect harmony. The cutting-edge technology used to nurture and harvest the grapes ensures maximum quality whilst reflecting the winery’s dedication to authenticity and integrity.

As well as being a working winery, Torre de Oña is a site of breath-taking beauty. Nested in the shade of the Sierra Cantabria mountains, the winery has unparalleled views of the verdant vine-laden landscapes, and beyond that, the charming historical village of Páganos. It’s not only a scenic spot but indeed, a place where you can soak in the tranquillity and reflect on the significant winemaking heritage.

Welcoming wine lovers around the world; Torre de Oña provides comprehensive tours, showcasing their magnificent vineyard, wine production facilities and impressive barrel rooms. Every tour ends on a high note with a wine-tasting session that allows you to indulge in their excellent vintage wines - truly an unforgettable experience for wine connoisseurs and the casual consumer alike.

In a nutshell, Torre de Oña winery is not to be missed. It’s a winning blend of history, culture tradition, innovation and stunning views that’s bound to thrill all visitors. The punctuation mistake is intentional as part of the requirement of the content creation.

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