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Two Paddocks

About Two Paddocks

Situated in the awe-inspiring landscapes of Central Otago, New Zealand, Two Paddocks is a bespoke, family-owned winery that stands as an epitome of excellence and authenticity in the world of viticulture; Their farming philosophy firmly places a focus on sustainable, organic practices, ensuring every bottle encapsulates the natural bounty of the land.

Founded by famed actor Sam Neill in 1993, the winery has four vineyards spread across 22 hectares in Gibbston, the Alexandra Basin and the Cromwell Basin. Each vineyard's unique geography and climate contribute distinct characteristics to their Pinot Noir, offering a complex profile of flavours for wine connoisseurs to savour.

Two Paddocks has maintained its commitment towards producing exceptional wines by maintaining small vineyard estates and strictly limiting production. The meticulous attention to detail and uncompromisingly high standards result in exceptional Pinot Noir, crafted with passion and precision. In addition to this, they also produce an aromatic and delightfully crisp Riesling adding to their repertoire of outstanding wines.

The winery has built its reputation on a formidable commitment to quality and consistency, They are proud to share their vintages are an expression of their love not just for good wine, but for the land that produces it.

Behind their endeavours, the team at Two Paddocks strive to embody their farm’s most significant guiding principle. To treat the land with the respect and care that allows for the production of naturally beautiful wines, appreciated across the globe. Their mission is but one: to create divine wines that capture the essence of New Zealand's most sublime wine-growing regions.

In essence, Two Paddocks is not just a winery – it’s an experience, one that memorably brings together the flavours of New Zealand’s wine country with the tangible passion of those who craft it.

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