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Vega Sicilia

About Vega Sicilia

Founded in 1864, Vega Sicilia winery has etched its name in the annals of global winemaking as a beacon of excellence. Nestled amidst the unrivalled beauty of Spain's Ribera del Duero, it is revered for its remarkable tradition, attention to detail and dedication to producing world-class wines with unparalleled character.

This winery is best known for its iconic "Unico," a red wine that is often considered the epitome of Spanish viticulture. Made primarily from Tempranillo grapes, but with a touch of Bordeaux, Unico is renowned for its longevity and elegance, seemingly effortlessly encompassing the very essence of time in each bottle.

The winery is situated on a sprawling 1000-hectare estate that includes not just vineyards, but also a maize of cellars and a cooperage. Here, adhering to an age-old family tradition, oak barrels are crafted in house for the wine's maturation; little wonder that patience and perseverance are intrinsic elements of Vega Sicilia’s winemaking philosophy.

Over the years, the Vega Sicilia winery has built an enviable reputation for unmatched quality being uncompromising in its standards. Its other series, including Valbuena 5°, Vega Sicilia Unico Reserva Especial and Pintia, all contribute to the winery's celebrated portfolio each exhibit a distinctive character that is testament to the finesse and skill of the Vega Sicilia’s winemakers.

Vega Sicilia winery has always maintained its commitment to create wines of distinction and prestige; wines that are an embodiment of expertise crafted through generations. Elegant and complex, these wines have the distinctive ability to evolve over time, offering the drinker a unique taste experience like no other.

However, beyond the exceptional wines, Vega Sicilia winery is a microcosm in which the marriage of art and science manifests as viticultural poetry. It is not simply a winery, but a place where passion, dedication and respect for nature blend to produce wines that are, in every sense of the word, timeless.

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