Vigneti del Vulture

Vigneti del Vulture

About Vigneti del Vulture

Nestled majestically amongst the rugged landscapes of Basilicata, the Vigneti del Vulture winery enjoys a breathtakingly beautiful vista. Boasting an array of exceptional wines, this family-run vineyard is dedicated to demonstrating a harmonious balance between traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques.

For the unfamiliar, Basilicata is a region located in Southern Italy. It bares a rich volcanic hilly terrain that breathes life into the indigenous grapes used at Vigneti del Vulture. This land is known for its ability to produce unique, characterful wines, and is the very soil that tenderly cradles the roots of the coveted Aglianico grape. It's this distinct grape variety that is the soul and spirit of Vigneti del Vulture’s most reputed wines:, the "Pipoli", "Alvolo" and the legendary "Titolo".

Delving deeper, into the winery itself, one can appreciate a striking amalgamation of tradition with innovation. The winery adopts the traditional wine crafting methods which are seamlessly integrated with innovative state-of-the-art technologies. This has helped the winery to not just preserve the authenticity of the wine but refine and elevate it to uncharted heights of excellence. It is an uncanny devotion to quality that sets Vigneti del Vulture apart in the wine world.

In relation to sustainable practices, Vigneti del Vulture is ahead of the curve. Every aspect of their viticulture is meticulously managed to minimise any potential harm to the environment. Not just content with being custodians of the land, they embody a heartfelt respect for nature, ensuring their carbon footprint is reduced through strategic vineyard management and sustainable farming practices.

All said, Vigneti del Vulture is more than just a winery, it's a testament to tradition, innovation and passion. Each bottle created here is a poetic tribute to the land it hails from and the dedicated hands that have lovingly nurtured it. It invites not just a tasting, but an experience of fine Italian viticulture.

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