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Villa Bucci

About Villa Bucci

Situated in the heart of Italy's picturesque Le Marche region, Villa Bucci is a family-owned winery that boasts an impressive eight centuries of viticulture heritage. The winery is the life's work of Ampelio Bucci, who has laboured steadfastly since 1983 to restore the vineyard to its former splendour. Over thirty years later, Villa Bucci is renowned throughout the world for producing high quality, traditional Italian wines with an artful blend of modernity and tradition.

Nestled amidst gently rolling hills and bathed in long hours of sunshine, the winery is picture-perfect. Vineyards span 26 hectares of verdant land, carefully cultivated with an assortment of grape varietals including Verdicchio, Trebbiano, Sangiovese, and Montepulciano. Thanks to its unique microclimate, they flourish splendidly, lending the wines their unique terroir expression.

At the heart of Villa Bucci’s praiseworthy selection of wines is the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Riserva. This standout offering has won multiple awards, affirming the estate's commitment to quality and excellence. Made from the region's renowned Verdicchio grape. This wine has garnered international acclaim for its vibrant acidity, structured minerality and exceptional longevity.

Passionate about maintaining their deep-rooted ties to the soil, the Bucci family honours their heritage by employing traditional winemaking practices. Yet, they also embrace innovative techniques to enhance wine production. Cellars are planted with native yeasts to ensure natural fermentation, and ageing takes place in large Slavonian oak casks.

Recently, Villa Bucci has taken a step towards becoming an organic estate. This reaffirms their commitment to sustainability and the conservation of their beloved lands for future generations. The winery’s love for its terroir and respect for its environment shines through in each glass of wine produced,

Visitors to Villa Bucci are treated to not only their sublime wines but also the serene beauty of its landscape and the warm Italian hospitality of its team. The journey to Villa Bucci promises an enigmatic taste of Italy’s winemaking traditions and an unforgettable immersion in its vintage heritage. With its unique character, Villa Bucci is an essential stop for any wine connoisseur’s tour of Italian vineyards.

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