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Wicked Lady

About Wicked Lady

Located in the heart of England’s lush wine region, Wicked Lady Winery has been delighting wine enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike for several decades. Weaving a tapestry of exceptional drinks, the winery is renowned for its stunning vineyard, outstanding hospitality, and of course, their magnificent range of fine wines.

Seeping with history, Wicked lady has a charm, unlike any other vineyard. Named after the notorious highwaywoman, Kathleen Tynan, known as the Wicked Lady who roamed the area during the late 1660s. Her tales of romance and ruthlessness seem to have seeped into the soil, perhaps explaining the robust flavours and feisty hues present in the wines.

The vineyard offers an impressive display of sumptuous grape varietals stretching across the verdant surroundings, it is a sight that never fails to invigorate the senses. Among the assortment of grapes you will find are classic British varieties, enhanced and perfected till a unique taste is achieved.

The winery’s selection is diverse, ranging from their famous crisp whites, to hues of tantalising rosés, and rich lush reds. Each bottle imparts a story of its origin, a fusion of tradition and innovation that is seamlessly embodied in every sip.

At Wicked Lady, you’ll be able to not only sample these exquisite wines, but also delve into the winemaking process during their enlightening vineyard tours. These educational excursions offer guests an unparalleled insight into the intricacies of viticulture and vinification, culminating in a tasting session of their most esteemed selections.

One of the best aspects to consider about this winery, is the people. The staff at Wicked Lady are not just employees, they are wine enthusiasts, dedicated to sharing their passion and knowledge in a way that is warm, engaging and simply infectious.

In conclusion, Wicked Lady Winery is not merely a place, it’s an experience. A journey of exploration through taste textures, aromas, and fine British winemaking. A visit here is an absolute must for any wine connoisseur or even, a casual lover of great wine. Whatever you taste preferences, Wicked Lady Winery surely doesn't fail to satisfy.

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