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Winsome Cousins

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Set idly amidst the picturesque rolling hills of Sandridge, Winsome Cousins winery, with its delightful blend of rustic charm and modern sophistication, offers one a truly euphoric experience. This familial venture started small in the late nineties, establishing a vineyard combined with the passion and dreams of two cousin brothers.

Over the years, the cousins' dedication and innovative winemaking have seen them evolve from a simple vineyard to a flourishing winery. Today the enterprise is proud to house some of the best vines in all of Sandridge; each producing wine of a consistently high quality and exceptional flavour profile. Despite its growth, the heart of this winery remains filled with the same familial warmth that inspired its creation.

Visitors are enchanted not only by the attractive landscape but also by the deliciously complex wines on offer. From the deep, velvety Merlots, to the crisp, fruity Chardonnays, and the full-bodied, dark-chocolatey Cabernet Sauvignons, every wine enthusiast will surely find a personal favourite.

Also, not to be overlooked is the winery's sumptuous restaurant, boasting an innovative menu filled with delectable farm-to-table dishes, perfectly designed to enhance the flavours of the splendid wines.

One rarely finds a winery with such dedication to both the fine art of winemaking and the visitor's pleasure. Whether you go for a vineyard tour, a cozy dinner, or a wine-tasting event, at Winsome Cousins winery, you're not just a guest, you're part of the family And this unique combination of comfortable hospitality and excellent wines is something that makes it a must-visit locale for those who seek a distinctively engaging experience.

A visit to this charming winery, set in the heart of Sandridge, truly offers one the opportunity to unwind, savour good wine, and bask in the warm embrace of earthy undertones whilst relishing the stunning views. A unique, splendid venue, that is so much more than just a winery. it's a celebration of family, passion, and the joys of good wine.

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