Domaine Thomas Morey

Domaine Thomas Morey

About Domaine Thomas Morey

Nestled in the heart of Burgundy, France, Domaine Thomas Morey is a family-owned winery celebrated for its production of world-renowned wines. The vineyards hold a rich tradition that flows from generation to generation, marking nine centuries of vine cultivation. The winery is run by the passionately dedicated vintner, Thomas Morey, who inherited a strong legacy in winemaking from his forebears.

Sprawling across an impressive 12 hectares, the vineyard is encased in an abundant terrain. The area swathes the land with specific minerals found in the fabled 'terroir', providing each grape its unique flavour. The Morey vineyards have parcels in several premier and grand cru locations such as Chassagne-Montrachet and Premier Cru Morgeot. Their produce are some of the most highly sought-after bottles in the world; a testament to Thomas' artisan skills and dedication to his craft.

Thomas Morey practices organic viticulture, favouring methods that respect the balance of nature. Through proactive vine management and restricted yields, he ensures consistent production of superlative quality wines. His approach is fully hands-on, with every wine reflecting the place it came from and the weather of the year in which it was born,

Domaine Thomas Morey's array of wines tantalises the palate with a sublime balance of acidity and richness. The whites are fresh, clean and elegant, with a chiselled minerality reflecting the vineyards mineral-rich soil. The reds, meanwhile, possess a remarkable depth of flavour and harmonious tannins, making them perfect for long-cellaring and enjoyable drinking.

The Domaine Thomas Morey winery is a symbol of Bourgogne's rich wine heritage. Combining centuries-old skills with modern winemaking techniques, its offerings are more than merely wines, they are the essence of a family's dedication to the grape and the embodiment of the most spectacular terroir of the region. There, magic happens in every bottle, forging an intimate connection between the drinker and the divine vineyards.

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